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CAT EARS for motorcycle helmet diffuser, type2

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CAT EARS for motorcycle helmet diffuser, type2 (top0002)

Price (Japanese Yen)
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This is a helmet diffuser which sucks out heated air inside using negative air pressure produced while riding.  This helmet diffuser ensures fog-free clear vision.
Also, this is a cool-looking accessory to any helmet.
This is compatible with helmets of all manufacturers, and can be attached to any kind or style of helmets.


Fits: Any Helmets,Any Size
Easy install, Double stick tape included.
Color: White gel coat (Painted version is not available)
Material: F.R.P.
Height of Horn: 90mm
4 type available
*English instruction is included.

*CAUTION: In rare case, it does not fit well because of genuine ventilation duct.
*We are looking for a distributor for this item. 

Made in Japan


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