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KandH / Hi seat / BMW R1200GS

kh0005 kh0005 kh0005

KandH / Hi seat / BMW R1200GS (kh0005)

Price (Japanese Yen)
Stock Status : In Stock

Highest quality of Seat in Japan. All K&H seat made by injection sponge.


Injection sponge provide you comfortable riding. No aging degradation.

*This seat hardness of sponge sets 60-80kg, We will adjust the hardness of sponge for free if you need. Please let us know.

*We accept color order for seat and stitches. +2000yen each.
*Tandem belt: +2000yen
*Built-to-order: 3-4 weeks


Company: K&H seat / Made in Japan

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Please note the stock status is shown as "in stock" but it will be ready to ship in 2 to 3 days when the item is available at the manufacture.
There are products that will take weeks to compete once you place an order. Please contact us through "Free Quotation" page, if you would like to know the accurate shipping date.