1, FREE FAST SHIPPING– (some exceptions may apply) usually, 7 days shipping to the USA. 3 days shipping if everything go smoothly! Secure tracking shipping with insurance !We mainly use international postal service(EMS). Also, other carriers are available if you prefer such as UPS, FedEx, DHL etc (additional charges may apply). 

2, FREE ENGLISH INSTRUCTION– Have you had an experience that made you trouble because of foreign language instructions? We are ready to help you, currently English instructions are available for most of Exhaust systems, Whitehouse products, Chic Design products and more to come! *Sorry English only for now!

3, FREE AFTER SALES SERVICE– If you are unsure anything about installations, repairs or need advice about recommended setup, feel free to let us know! Send us message as many as you like! 

4, FREE TECHNICAL SERVICE– We know how to install the goods what we sell, any questions are most welcome!

5, FREE RETURNS– Feel disappointed for such a high amount goods for some reasons? We will send you full refund with return shipping. It does not make sense for us to selling high amount goods without your satisfactions!
*please send us a prior notice before you send it back with original packaging. FREE return valid within 10 days its arrival.


 *There rules are applied for the total spending over 165,000-JPY *approximately $1500-US/ €1400-