Frequently Asked Questions.

1, How much is it in our currency?


A: You can convert by currency converter at side bar.


2, Do you ship a motorcycle to my country?


A: No, we do not. We only sell and ship for motorcycle parts & accessories.
*But, we can send Whitehouse custom-made bikes. 


3, How much is the shipping cost?


A: You can find the approximate shipping cost by clicking “Shopping Guide”. Plus, Shipping Discount is available under given conditions.


4, Can I use my credit card for payment?


A: Yes. However you need to sigh up for PayPal account. We accept credit card through PayPal.


5, Why use PayPal?


A: Because PayPal provides an extra level of security for your payments. We never see your sensitive financial details.  *More details   https://www.paypal.com


6,  I could not find what I was looking for. Do you have any parts what it is not listed ?


A: Yes. We have over 10,000 parts not listed here. Feel free to ask us!


7, How long it will take time to delivery?


A: Depends on countries and items. Most of exhaust pipes, Fairings are built-to-order. Please allow, 1-4 weeks to shipping to your country. 

8, Do you guys have a stock in your store(office)?

A: No, we do not usually have a stock in our office(we do not have a showroom). We place an order after we receive your order. If your order is in stock in the manufacture factory, it will arrive our office within 1-3days.

9, Which items are not eligible for the shipping discount?

A:  Unfortunately we can not offer you the special shipping discount a few manufacture items. Such as YOSHIMURA(only racing parts), MUGEN and Genuine parts.

10,  I saw a manufacture’s website, It seems like I could buy from them.
What is the benefit to buy from here?

A: FREE shipping(under given condition), FREE Express charge! FREE parcel insurance!
We guarantee best service!

11, I am motorcycle shop owner. Do you offer me wholesale price? 

A: We are working with low profit margin for customers. Most of items can Not sell as wholesale price. However we are pleased to have business with you. Feel free to contact us!



12, Can you put a lower value on the invoice? we will have to pay high tax in my country.



A: We can not do any under-value on the invoice. It is strictly prohibited since it is illegal in Japan.