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Yamamoto:Titanium Exhaust / RC45

¥200,000 (Japanese Yen)
They has won in the SuperBike International GP in Malaysia. Also their Honda RVF has got best record Suzuka 8hour GP in Japan.  Material: Titanium Sound volume: 97db Weight: 3.8kg   Yamamoto Racing Japan:

JB-POWER BITO:Full exhaust system:RC30

¥330,000 (Japanese Yen)
JB-POWER Full Titanium Hand bent full Exhaust for VFR750/RC30   It is heavily popular among the enthusiast all over the world. Thickness of titanium: 0.7mm Beauty, Performance and sound of quality are put into the exhaust. Fit: Honda VFR750/RC30     Manufacture: JB-POWER BITO https://www.jb-pow...