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Aluminum side covers for CB1100

¥47,000 (Japanese Yen)
2017 CB1100RS/EX modified aluminum side covers for 2010-2016 CB1100/EX/Deluxe   Beautiful “hair-lined finished” aluminum side covers, Japanese craftsmen made them carefully one by one. 2017 CB1100RS/EX stock side covers does not fit on a 2010-2016 CB1100, so we did modifications on them to fi...

JB-POWER-KEHIN:FCR39 Carburetors for CB1000

¥174,000 (Japanese Yen)
JB-POWER-KEHIN:FCR39 Carburetors for CB1000   Including plastic funnels Fits: 1994-1997 Honda CB1000/SF/Big1 *Aluminum funnel with net is an option:8000 JPY×4=32000 JPY Color Alumite is available in Blue, Red, Green, Black and Gold. *FCR41 is available: 190000 yen     Manufacture: JB-POWER BITO http...

RYUJIN:Fender Eliminator kit:2017 CB1100RS

¥34,000 (Japanese Yen)
Rear Fender Eliminator kit with LED taillight for CB1100RS   Material: Stainless steel, Black powder coat finished. LED taillight: please select the color Red or Clear or Light smoke Fits: 2017 Honda CB1100RS/EX *Please note that the stock grab bar can not be used. The Black grab bars is an option 15000 Yen. ...

BEET:Racing rearsets for NSR250R

¥42,000 (Japanese Yen)
Racing Rear sets for NSR250   Fits: 1990-1993 or 1994-1999 Honda NSR250R Position: 30 mm back, 15 mm up *side kick stand can not be used.   Manufacture: BEET

Black rear rack for CB1100RS

¥16,000 (Japanese Yen)
Fits: 2017 Honda CB1100RS/EX Maximum load: 3.5 kg Material: Steel *stock grab bar can not be used.   Manufacture: Hurricane

KIJIMA:Saddle bag guards for CB1100RS/EX

¥11,000 (Japanese Yen)
Saddle bag guards for new CB1100RS/EX   Fits: 2017 Honda CB1100RS/EX Chrome finished Only one side: 6000 yen   Manufacture: KIJIMA Japan ...

KIJIMA:Grab bar for CB1100RS/EX

¥12,500 (Japanese Yen)
Grab bar for new CB1100RS/EX   Fits: 2017 Honda CB1100RS/EX Chrome finished   Manufacture: KIJIMA Japan ...

Daytona:Fender eliminator kit for CB1300

¥15,000 (Japanese Yen)
Fender Eliminator kit for CB1300   Fits: 2010-2016 Honda CB1300/SF/SB Material: FRP Including LED light for license plate, bolt-on installation   Manufacture: Daytona Japan

Honda Engine guards for CB1300

¥20,000 (Japanese Yen)
Honda official aftermarket crash guards for CB1300   Fits: Honda CB1300/SF White color, Bolt-on installation   Honda parts & accessories

Honda Rear rack for CB1300

¥33,000 (Japanese Yen)
Honda official aftermarket rear rack for CB1300   Fits: Honda CB1300/SF Maximum load: 3.0 kg Material: Steel *including optional Top-case hardware.   Honda parts & accessories

CB1000 Titanium full exhaust

¥195,000 (Japanese Yen)
Titanium 4 into 1 full exhaust system for CB1000   Fits: 1994-1997 Honda CB1000/Big-1 Material: Titanium *Carbon muffler version is available   Manufacture: Striker *made-in-Japan

CB1000 Under cowl (Belly pan)

¥28,000 (Japanese Yen)
Belly pan kit for CB1000   Fits: 1994-1997 Honda CB1000/Big-1 Material: FRP White gel coat finished. *Carbon version is available: 43000 yen   Manufacture: A-Tech *made-in-Japan

CB1000 Fender eliminator kit

¥19,000 (Japanese Yen)
Fender eliminator kit for CB1000   Fits: 1994-1997 Honda CB1000/Big-1 Material: FRP Black gel coat finished.   Manufacture: COERCE Japan

Etching Factory:Radiator cover:CB1000

¥15,000 (Japanese Yen)
Protect the radiator from dust,small stone and bugs!   Material: Stainless steel Fits: 1994-1997 Honda CB1000 Item number: RGH-CB1300-00 Made-to-order: 1-2 weeks   Please choose emblem color: Black or Red or Blue Manufacture: ETCHING FACTORY

Beater:Aluminum fuel tank for CB1000

¥213,000 (Japanese Yen)
Beater aluminum tanks has been selected by many of international professional racing teams. Passion, Pride of over 30 years of skilled craftsman, bring them all into the aluminum tank.   Fits: 1994-1997 HONDA CB1000/SF/Big-1 Capacity: 23 liters Weight: approx. 40% lighter than the stock tank *standard sh...

KOYORAD:Big Radiator/CB1000

¥90,000 (Japanese Yen)
High performance Big radiator for CB1000   Core: 36 mm Easy install,bolt-on. Fits: 1993-1996 Honda CB1000 Big-1   Manufacture: KOYORAD Radiator

JB-POWER-KEHIN:FCR28 Carburetors for CBR250RR

¥162,000 (Japanese Yen)
JB-POWER-KEHIN:FCR28 Carburetors for CBR250RR   Including plastic funnels in Blue Fits: 1990-1992 Honda CBR250RR MC22 *Aluminum funnel with net is an option:8000 JPY×4=32000 JPY Color Alumite is available in Blue, Red, Green, Black and Gold.       Manufacture: JB-POWER BITO https://www.jb-power...

Over Racing:Crash guards for CB1100

¥28,000 (Japanese Yen)
Great protection against damages   Fits: 2010-2017 CB1100/EX/RS/Deluxe Stainless steel polished, including all necessary hardware.   Manufacture: Over Racing Japan

2017 CB1100EX/RS metallic side cover paint

¥36,000 (Japanese Yen)
2017 Honda CB1100EX/RS Honda OEM Paint available. OEM Red, Yellow, Black, White. Please send us your stock side covers, or we can get them here 35000 yen including emblems. *please allow us about a few weeks to paint....

ChicDesign:Short rear fender:2017 CB1100RS/EX

¥38,000 (Japanese Yen)
Please choose [Painted or Black gel coat or Chrome] Painted version: 38000 yen (Honda genuine colors) Black gel coat: 23000 yen Chrome[F.R.P.]: 64800 yen Bolt-on install. Fits: 2017 Honda CB1100RS/EX   USA size license plate holder is available: +3800 yen   Company: Chic Design