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Beater:Aluminum tank,NINJA250R

¥213,000 (Japanese Yen)
Beater aluminum tanks has been selected by many of international professional racing teams. Passion, Pride of over 30 years of skilled craftsman, bring them all into the aluminum tank. World-class quality product for life is available at this price.   Fits: KAWASAKI NINJA250R 2008-2011 Capacity: 23L Weight: 2...

MotoGear: Titanium full system:Ninja250 -13

¥73,000 (Japanese Yen)
Beautiful Titanium full system.   Weight: 3.0kg / STD6.2kg Sound Volume: 93db / 97db(without baffle) *Included tandem pegs. Fits: Kawasaki Ninja250 2013model   Motogear:  ...

MotoGear: Titanium Slip-On / Ninja250 -13

¥45,800 (Japanese Yen)
Beautiful Titanium slip-on system.   Weight: 1.3kg / STD4.0kg Sound Volume: 85db / 88db(without baffle) *Included stainless heat guard. Fits: Kawasaki Ninja250 2013model Motogear:  ...

MotoGear: Full exhaust,Dual Ti / Ninja250 -13

¥106,000 (Japanese Yen)
FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING☆ Beautiful full Titanium exhaust system.   Weight: 4.7kg / STD6.7kg Sound Volume: 93db / 96db(without baffle) *Included special tandem foot pegs. Fits: Kawasaki Ninja250 2013model   Manufacture: / Tig craft Japan