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OUTEX: Up-type Exhaust for Super Cub 125

¥43,000 (Japanese Yen)
Up-type Exhaust for the new Super Cub     Fits: 2018 Honda Super Cub C125 Stainless steel pipe with Aluminum muffler: 43000 yen Stainless steel muffler: 47000 yen Titanium muffler: 52000 yen   Manufacture: OUTEX

Takegawa: Cabton Exhaust for Super Cub125

¥38,000 (Japanese Yen)
60’s style exhaust   Fits: 2018 Honda Super Cub C125 Sounds volume: 85 dB Including catalytic converter Stainless steel polished finished   Manufacture: TAKEGAWA

Yoshimura: GP-Magnum machine bent Exhaust

¥39,500 (Japanese Yen)
30% lighter than the stock exhaust  *compared with the Carbon version.   Fits: 2018 Honda Super Cub 125 Main material: Stainless steel – Stainless steel muffler: 39500 yen, 3.0 kg Satin finished muffler: 41500 yen, 3.0 kg Titanium Blue muffler: 49500 yen, 2.8 kg Carbon muffler: 51500 yen, 2.7 kg &n...