Test-ride for K10 & Hakofugu cafe racer.

Three months after CB1100 K10 custom release, I was Finally able to take K10 for a test ride.  The first thing I felt when I rode CB1100 K10 custom was the smooth and powerful through all gears upon twisting the throttle grip.
I am 175 cm tall, and the K10 seat is 815 mm seat, I can touch the ground with my toes (not my heels).
I parked in less than 10 minutes, and a couple of people looked at the K10 closely. From the way things are looking, I guess I would not be able to take the road, if I take part in some motorcycle events or go to some famous touring place.
But, as President of White House Mr.Sato says, this is also a tool for communication with other people. It is expected to inevitably have a good conversation with those who knows about those days.
*CAUTION: if you are in a hurry, you should park at the corner of the parking space and take a road like a Ninja..

Whether those who could ride K10 in those days or not, it is not easy to purchase its original in better shape now that they are put at a premium (many are worth over 2 million yen!!).  They also have to worry about the maintenance fee because there are a lot of unavailable parts. For such people, this K10 will give them the best solution.  (Former owner of White House was a professional designer for HONDA), who knows its original form and those days faithfully re-creates this K10, and this K10 having latest safety performance will exactly save their headaches. And this K10 has a fuel tank about 30% larger than the stock tank, which relieves some concern that if we couldn’t find a gas station on the long touring ride.



Also, as many might have already known, White House produced the K10 and also an another big project of Hakofugu café.  As you can see, its design has changed enormously to an innovative cafe racer which is apart from K10. Its appearance looks good not only for the long ride, but also for the ride in the middle of a city. If it is displayed in a boutique or a cafe, it is sure to be an art. The model I took test-ride was handlebar version, and it is very comfortable for the ride in the middle of a city, but personally, clip-ons & rear sets are the coolest.  Classic motorcycle K10 or innovative cafe racer Hakofugu cafe.
Which do you like better?