Finally, we go aboard! Big in Japans.

Hello riders all over the world!
I am happy to give my first memorable message to you.
Let me tell you how and why I built the website first.


Once I was living and traveling abroad and I saw a lot of Japanese motorcycles there. Whenever I saw them, I felt kind of good. But one day, I realized that I hadn’t seen any customized motorcycles nor parts and accessories that were very common among Japanese riders. I knew there was nothing peculiar about that because things are often different when you are in a foreign country, but still, I asked myself: Is this the way it should be? In the era of globalization, great motorcycle accessories are being sold only in my own country?
Those thoughts became the source of my energy to build my website.


Items that tickle your heart… items that make you want to spend all of your money for even if you end up deserting your girlfriend…
I may sound exaggerating, but I want you to know those products.


Japan is one of the biggest motorcycle producing countries and there are many manufactures that produce super high quality products. However, the world has hardly noticed their existence yet. Their products are as reliable as those created by Yoshimura, Arai, Shoei… the world famous manufacturer.


Since we carefully choose our items mainly from among super reliable maker’s products, we may not be able to stock a large amount of items, but I highly hope that motorcycle riders who know the best products will trust us and feel the highest quality of our products.


I really hope you will keep coming back to our site. Thank you in advance.


Store Owner: Takashi TakaseAug 29th 2012.