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Your Name(Nickname), Country John G Fairfield County, CT USA
Vehicle(Model) 2014 Honda CB1100
What have you bought here Ryujin Hand Bent Exhaust in Black, Whitehouse Hakofugu fenders/mirror, TSR chain sprocket in Gold, TSR Air intake funnel
Opinions and comments for the products Huge American Shout-Out to Mr. T from Samurider.com!!!!! I bought, what I believe to be, the first set of Ryujin hand bent full exhaust for my 2014 Honda CB1100 and I cannot express how happy I am with the purchase! First of all, Mr. T is a 100% Stand-up Businessman and all around nice guy. I traded many emails with him and he answered each and every one of them quickly, thoroughly and politely. He went the extra step to make sure that I was fully comfortable making a $2000 +/- order with him, knowing I’m sending my money via PayPal. He kept me completely informed every step of the process and when the items were ready to ship they arrived so quickly I was amazed. Tracking couldn’t even keep up with the speed! If you are hesitant to do business in Japan let me say that there is zero percent risk working with Mr. T!!!! Again, you have Zero risk doing business in Japan with Mr. T!

John G Fairfield County, CT USA

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