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Your Name(Nickname), Country TK Lee South Korea
Vehicle(Model) 2016 CB1100 Special Edition
What have you bought here CB1100 Earl’s Oil Cooler Kit (act001)
Opinions and comments for the products I installed the oil cooler on 2016 CB1100 Special Edtion when it’s under 1,000km mileage.
This is my 2nd CB1100 as I used to own a 2014 CB1100EX before, the CB1100EX had a serious problem when it’s overheated especially stuck in a traffic jam on a hot summer days.
It showed unstable idling condition when the oil temp went over 100c moreover sometimes the engine has been stopped on the road, I was stressed too much about the problem so I decided to install a better oil cooler on my new CB1100 special edition and it was excellent choice.
Before I install Earl’s Oil Cooler, the oil temp went over 100c easily when it’s stuck in a traffic however after Earl’s Oil Cooler installed, it hardly goes over just 80c.
Also the engine feeling has been changed extremely smooth as well, I could not believe how soft air cooling engine feeling this can be, it worth to try it, I guarantee this is totally different with the original oil cooler.
For dress up, it also has nice curved shape with orange tips on both sides, they give much luxurier exterior compare to original oil cooler.
I’ve travelled around 5,000 km with this oil cooler and have changed engine oil twice at 2k and 5k and the oil condition was almost perfect, I guess the 20 celcius temp difference helps the engine a lot.
Overall if you have the idling problem same as me or if you want to keep best condition of your engine, this oil cooler would be worth to invest on your CB1100.
If you need any question about this oil cooler from an owner, just email me and I will let you know as much as possible.
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Best Regards
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